Unlimited Google Requests

GSS can literally handle thousands and thousands of queries per hour. Let us solve your scraping needs by using Google the most powerful search engine on the planet.

About GSS

Customized Google Extractions

We have all the skills necessary to completely tailor your scraping needs. If you require a custom spider or robot to scrape against the Google Search Engine then we can accommodate your requests in-house by our professional development team.

We can create anything from 24/7 continuous harvesting sessions to daily updated crawling reports to customized CRM's. With direct access to unlimited Google scraping and customized robot/spider creation, GSS is the ultimate harvesting solution for your business.

Scrape Google Results

Free Consultation

GSS offers a completely free consultation. If need to harvest the results from Google then our team can assist you! We have the experience and bandwidth to take on any project.

Request a Quote today and we'll be happy to discuss how we can take care of your scraping needs.